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Pet Sitter Or Doggy Daycare: What’s Best For Your Pet?

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September is National Pet Sitters Education Month! As you may know, here at Raintree Pet Resort & Medical Center, we run a deluxe doggy hotel and daycare. While pet sitting is a bit different than daycare, they are both beneficial. Our canine pals are very sociable, and can get quite upset if left alone. A … Read More »

9 Things Fido Can Do At Our Pet Resort


Are you considering enlisting your pup in doggy daycare? Are you going to be boarding Fido soon? We know, it isn’t easy being away from your beloved pet. However, your dog may actually have the time of his life at our 5-Bark Doggy Resort! Read on as a Scottsdale, AZ vet lists some things your … Read More »

Tips for Taking Fido To Doggy Daycare


Have you decided to enroll your pet in doggy daycare? If so, that’s great! Fido will certainly benefit from being able to run and play with his friends while you are at work. Here, Raintree Pet Resort, vet in Scottsdale AZ offers some tips on taking Fido to doggie daycare. Have Paperwork Ready When choosing … Read More »

5 Reasons To Enroll Your Pet In Doggy Daycare


You may have heard that doggy daycares are becoming increasingly popular. Daycare can be really good for our canine pals! In fact, you may find that your pet is both happier and better behaved after a day at ‘school.’ Read on as a North Phoenix, AZ vet lists some reasons to put Fido in doggy … Read More »

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Benefits of Doggie Daycare in Scottsdale AZ


Have you ever considered bringing Fido to doggy daycare? Once considered a niche service for pampered pets, doggy daycares are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people discover how beneficial and convenient they can be. A Scottsdale doggy daycare lists some great reasons to consider bringing your pooch to daycare in this article. Fido Gets To … Read More »

New friends are joining doggie daycare every week!!


Zoe An attractive lab, Zoe, is a new daycare friend. She quickly made her way to the first step of the pool and the doggie ramp into the pool. There are two entry / exits in the pool at Rainree Pet Resort. Dogs can either use the traditional steps with a very large platform for … Read More »

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New Friends Galore at our Scottsdale Doggie Daycare!


This past week has been filled with new friends! Hank, is a 22 week old viszla puppy who made instant friends with daycare regulars, Nyx and Jack. They played fetch, wrestled and romped around the backyard together! Max is a 6 year old golden retriever. He is very mellow and he liked to observe the fun … Read More »

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Welcome Jack!


Welcome to Jack!! He is a new golden puppy in Raintree Pet Resort’s Scottsdale doggie daycare. His first day was on New Year’s Eve and he is 6 months old. He was really friendly and had a blast with all the dogs in group. Jack and Hope made fast friends with each other. Dollar and … Read More »

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