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Your Dog and Valley Fever


Arizona has some stunningly beautiful terrain. However, though the desert can be beautiful, it also does have its own unique hazards and dangers, both for people and pets. One health issue that is common in dry, dusty areas is Valley Fever. A North Phoenix, AZ vet discusses Valley Fever in this article. What Is Valley … Read More »

Common Signs of Illness in Kitties


Do you have a feline buddy? Cats make wonderful pets and companions. One wonderful thing about these cute and quirky little furballs is that they are quite independent. Fluffy will groom herself, and will use her own private bathroom to see to her needs. There is a down side to Kitty’s independent streak, however. Our … Read More »

Signs of Illness in Birds


Birds are beautiful and enchanting creatures, and make wonderful pets. Your little winged friend is sure to brighten up your home with her lovely coloring and cute personality. As a responsible pet owner, you’ll want to be sure to carefully monitor your little friend’s health, and be able to possible indications of illness. In this … Read More »

Importance of Periodontal Health


It is estimated that up to 80% of dogs and cats have periodontal disease by 2-3 years of age. An active case of periodontal disease leaches disease causing bacteria into the bloodstream which can lead to a variety of health problems resulting in damage to critical organs such as the heart, liver, and kidneys; as … Read More »