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Dr. Benjamin Savard
Dr. Benjamin Savard
Owner, Veterinarian
Dr. Benjamin Savard grew up raising and breeding standard poodles, frequenting dog obedience shows, and even competing in showing competitions. He’s been drawn to the animal care world for as long as he can remember, and becoming a veterinarian has allowed him to take his passions to the next level!

Born in Wisconsin, Dr. Savard moved to Arizona before he was even a year old. Since the age of 12, he’s been working in the family business in every capacity imaginable. From 2000 to 2003, he attended Arizona State University’s pre-veterinary program, then attended Colorado State University to earn his DVM degree in 2007. After working in two Arizona animal hospitals, Dr. Savard returned to the family business and helped open Raintree Pet Resort’s very own Medical Center in 2013.

Dentistry work is Dr. Savard’s passion within veterinary medicine. Oral health is so impactful to an animal’s overall well-being, he says, and there’s something very satisfying about performing thorough dental care on a pet with a less-than-stellar mouth.

Dr. Savard and his wonderful wife Julia have four children: Elizabeth, Marie, Joshua, and Lucy. The family shares their home with Catalina, a one-year-old cat who attempts to stalk people from the middle of an open room but then races off upon realizing she’s been noticed.

Outside of veterinary medicine, Dr. Savard enjoys reading, playing the mandolin and guitar, skiing, and scuba diving.
Dr. Stacy L. Duffy
Dr. Stacy L. Duffy
Associate Veterinarian
Dr. Stacy Duffy has always appreciated the unconditional love shared with numerous pets over the years. Dr. Duffy knew that the best way to satisfy her interests in the scientific world while helping animals to live happier, healthier lives at the same time was to become a veterinarian! She's happy to do just that as a member of the Raintree Pet Resort + Medical Center family.

Dr. Duffy is a Scottsdale native and knew at only 10 years of age that she would one day become a veterinarian. She began working at a pet clinic in Scottsdale when she was 18, then pursued a bachelor’s degree in biology at Arizona State University. Dr. Duffy worked in a few different career fields for a number of years, while pursuing her original dream: helping animals as a licensed veterinarian. She earned her second bachelor’s degree in veterinary science at the University of Arizona, and then a master's degree in molecular biology at Arizona State University. Next, Dr. Duffy moved to North Carolina, where she started working at Duke University as a laboratory manager in the research setting. She then gained acceptance into North Carolina State University's College of Veterinary Medicine to earn her doctorate.

Dr. Duffy became a part of the Raintree Pet Resort + Medical Center team in the spring of 2019 and is thrilled to help pets and animal owners of her hometown as an Associate Veterinarian. Her focus is on health, wellness care and long-term care, but also has a strong passion for pain management. Dr. Duffy feels a special connection with our feline friends and continues to delve deeper into the mysteries of feline medicine and their well-being.

At home, Dr. Duffy shares her life with several “fur babies”. She has two dogs: Chloe, a Pomeranian who is the light of Dr. Duffy's life, as well as a Peek-a-Poo named Ayce who makes it a point to acknowledge everyone he meets. She also has five cats with four of them being littermates: Emmett, Sheamus, Finnegan, Fionna, and Sadie. Finally, Dr. Duffy also has a family of mice who are in retirement from the laboratory environment who she lovingly named after inspirational professors and veterinarians from her schooling.