Our Philosophy

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Our Scottsdale Pet Hospital Team Philosophy

To uphold the highest standards in veterinary medicine and customer service to our clients and patients and to treat their pets as if they were our own valued family members.  In this way, we will ensure that they receive the very best quality of care and service.  It is our ultimate goal to partner with our clients in providing high-quality education to strengthen the bond between owner and pet.

Mission Statement:

At Raintree Pet Resort + Medical Center we strive to partner with our families to provide for their pet’s exceptional health and wellness by creating a fun-filled resort atmosphere coupled with unparalleled medical care to promote wellbeing in all aspects of our patient’s lives.

Vision Statement:

We strive to be progressive leaders in comprehensive care incorporating innovative research-based treatments while maintaining a compassionate personal atmosphere.

Core Values:

  • Total health and wellness for our patients
  • Patient-focused compassionate care
  • Excellent customer service and communication
  • Expertise through continual education and technological adaptation
  • Partnering in responsible pet ownership through client education

Code of Ethics: 

  1. To be honest, fair, courteous, considerate, and compassionate to our patients, clients, and colleagues.
  2. To provide for the well being of our patients through the proper application of knowledge regarding the treatment of disease, suffering or injury while limiting pain and stress.
  3. To partner with clients and their pets in appropriately choosing resort accommodations and activities and medical center treatments.
  4. To always improve our knowledge and skills through continual personal education and collaboration with other veterinary professionals.
  5. To inspire responsible pet ownership through client education.
  6. To respect the Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship and the personal privacy of our patients and clients.
  7. To have integrity and avoid any misrepresentation of resort or medical center services.
  8. To avoid the slander and defamation of any competitors that could result in undo client distrust of the boarding or veterinary industries.
  9. To create a safe and happy environment for all pets in our care.