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Scottsdale Pet Boarding Testimonials

Lovely boarding facility for our dog. Staff were really kind and took extra care in ensuring we were comfortable leaving our dog Rusty there. Will definitely use again.
Kristin Liley
Loved this place so much! It was my first time taking my dog and my experience was excellent. Totally worth the drive!
I have confidence in the doctor and his wonderful staff.
A. Barra
Toby is always happy to get to daycare and it’s evident each time I drop off and pick up that the staff care about every pet.
Cathy Littleton
Everyone at Raintree Pet is very caring, thorough and professional.
Anita Rogers
The time and quality of time spent with us and our cats, as well as the friendliness of everyone
Sara Cala
The staff knew my dogs name when I walked in. Everyone is very friendly and makes you and the dog feel welcome.
Deborah Arnitz
Staff is BEYOND friendly and the facility is clean and safe for my dog. Thanks!
Karen E
First time taking Tillie to day care at Raintree Pet. She loved it, and she’ll be spending a week there soon over thanksgiving vacation! Thanks!
Scott G
We are MN snowbirds and have looked at many Doggie Day Cares in Scottsdale. Even dropped off our pup at one and turned around within 15 minutes to rescue him. Then found Raintree and knew immediately that the experienced, caring staff was going to take exceptional care of our dog. Will recommend to all we know…
Joanne A
The staff and Dr. Savard are the best!!
Dawn S
The place is spotless and the staff is amazing
Michael F.
Raintree are the MOST friendly and KNOWLEDGEABLE in Doggie Daycare. Doc Savard is a “lets try this” before surgery is required. Max GREATLY improved by listening to Doc with having Max do Laser Therapy.
Lisa and Max
You squeezed Otis in because he was limping, and the doctor and technician were excellent. Spent quite a bit of time examining him, and provided medication which helped a great deal. Thank you so much.
Carol V.
Julie, Homer and Staff I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart ♥ and then some!!!!! You all are so incredibly special to me for touching my kids lives and also mine. There is not one day that passes where I am not talking so highly of Raintree Pet Resort & Medical Center… I could go on and on about the praise you all deserve for your dedication and commitment to taking such good care of not only Stella and Stoli but the other furries that come to Raintree… Thank you all again for everything!!!!!!!!! Warmly,
Stella and Stoli's Parents...
Dear Homer, Julie & Dr. Ben, We wanted to say thank you again for the hospitality you showed us while we made the trip to your wonderful resort. We grately appreciate you all taking time out of your busy schedule to share your wealth of knowledge. We both learned so many things that we know will be invaluable as we grow! It is wonderful to know that there are great, caring people like you willing to share with us! We will definitely be in touch! If you are in Fort Collins, give us a buzz! Thank you very much again!
Mark & Maura
Dr. Savard, Roger and I couldn’t have been more touched when we received our beloved Abigail’s paw print. That is the nicest thing to do. And then we received the card from the Arbor Day Foundation that a tree was planted in her honor. Thank you so much. She was such a good dog and was a real trooper thru the end. It was a hard decision to make but we know in our hearts that she is better off. Thank you for all the loving & wonderful care you provided her. We are grateful. If you know of anyone that has a little Brittany, please remember us. We are looking. Thanks again to you and your staff.
Marti & Roger C.
Dr. Savard, Please pass along to your beautiful staff my heartfelt thanks for their prayers & kind words they and you have shown to our feathered son “Frankie.” I’m so lucky to have a place like this that really cared for his well being & enjoyed seeing our beautiful son. Brenna, thank you for your gentle hands and touch you showed Frankie when he came to you for his trimming and beak clipping. He always looked so happy afterward. To all the staff that made me feel that he would be safe and loved by all. Thanks! My husband & I will never forget you all for making this easier to go through. The claw prints was a big surprise & tree planting in Frankie’s name, too. Love to you all,
Steve & Dandy D.
Dear Raintree, Thank you so much for letting me interview you and answering all my questions. I really appreciated all your time with me and I learned so much about animals. I never imagined that I would get to see a vaccine or a dental procedure. You guys are awesome. Thank you,
Mischa N.
Dear Homer, Julie, Dr. Savard, and all staff! Just a little note to thank you so very much for all that you did for our sweet Ryder! The tree tribute of Ryder was such a lovely and very thoughtful gift and it completely made our hearts sing! Thank you for all that you do…and for all that you are!. So happy Teddy has a great place to stay, so I am very happy we are still apart of the Raintree family! Lots of hugs,
Ju-leigh, Greg, & Hannah S
Jeanne and I would like to thank the staff at Raintree for helping us through our most difficult time. We felt you sincerely cared about us and Jasper. Everybody showed us so much compassion especially Dr. Savard. He didn’t rush anything and he explained everything along the way. Thank you all for making our last moments with Jasper peaceful. Thank you so much,
Hope S. & Jeanne J.
Dr. Savard, We’d like to thank you for your passion, compassion and commitment. Piper always looked forward to coming to Raintree. I believe it was her favorite time of the week. Again, a giant thank you to you and the entire Raintree Team. Sincerely,
Jim & Chere M. (Piper's grandpa and grandma)
Thank you for making every day the best day ever!! My Mom and dad really appreciate all the snuggles and love that my whole Raintree family give me!
Jack C., Golden Retriever